Monday, 17 September 2012

Getting big

I measured the kids today.
Princess is 48 1/2 inches (or a smudge over 4 feet).
Angel is 43 1/4 inches (or 3 an a half feet and a bit).
Little Boss is 32 1/2 inches (or well on his way to 3 feet).

When did they get so humongous?

How to tell you're a parent #1

Angel has Loved construction type vehicles since she was tiny. She always gets excited when we see them, loves to play with her toy cars, and even had a digger themed birthday party.

She is a fantastic big sister, and is surprisingly generous about sharing her toys with Little Boss. They especially love playing cars and trains together. He has learned to love vehicles almost as much as she does.

Since it makes them happy every time, I'm used to pointing out bulldozers, etc. if we drive by them. I find myself doing it even when they're not in the car so that I'm just exclaiming "digger!" to myself.

Rather than being annoyed by it, I find myself strangely pleased by the construction site next to where I work. I know it would make them happy, and so it makes me happy. I slow down as I walk by so that I can peek trough the fence at the building work.

Parents appreciate the things that make their kids happy.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pony, Pegasus and unicorn

Princess drew this picture and gave it to me as a "surprise." There's a pony (complete with my little pony style cutie mark), a Pegasus, and a unicorn (as well as a little bird). I love it and wanted to save it somewhere.