Monday, 31 January 2011

Sex During Pregnancy...Part 2

I blogged recently about sex during pregnancy, and promised to write more about specifics.  So here we during pregnancy part two.

Pregnancy will affect your sex life because your changing shape (meaning huge baby bump) will change what positions work the best.  For most couples, good old-fashioned missionary position is kind of the sexual norm.  After the first trimester, this position is pretty much out until after the baby's born.  So here's my look at what positions do work well during pregnancy.

Spooning: This is probably the best all-rounder position during pregnancy.  Since your partner's behind you, it means that your bump isn't an issue at all (so this position feels pretty much the same as it did before you got pregnant).  It doesn't put any pressure on you (meaning it's less likely to be uncomfortable or lead to heartburn) or on your partner (meaning you're not squashing him).  It's also a bit of a lazier position, so it's perfect for when you're tired during pregnancy but still want to get some.

Perk: It leaves his hands free ;)
Downside: You can't see each other or kiss.

On all fours/Doggy: Again, your partner's behind you so that pregnancy bump isn't an issue.  Basically, you get down on your knees and either your hands or elbows.  He kneels behind you.  This allows for really deep penetration so it's sure to be a big hit with your other half.

Perk: Easy to control tempo
Downside: Same as spooning

Woman on Top: This one's pretty self explanatory.  You get on top.  It's intimate because you can see each other.

Perk: Probably the best position for you to come
Downside: Also the most tiring for you

Obviously all of these tips are for hetero couples.  Here's why.  This is a blog, not a guide book.  I'm speaking from my experience, and my only partner is my husband.  These are tips for couples who are expecting and still want a great sex life too. (Yes, it is possible to be parents and lovers.)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pregnancy Pictures

Picture taking seems to be a bit of an obsession among many pregnant women and their friends/families.  I admit that I've taken "bump" pictures before (a few of them are on this blog). 

I've seen some fantastic pregnancy pictures (click here to see an amazing bump picture) and some awful ones.

I'm curious.  What do you think makes a good (or bad) pregnancy portrait?  Do you have any good tips for taking bump pictures? Do you love or hate bump picture?

I'd really appreciate any feedback.  If you don't want to leave a comment on the blog, then you can email me at

Monday, 17 January 2011

Sex During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant, obviously you've had sex at least once.  Yet somehow it seems that once you're pregnant, people assume that you're not getting any (at least not until after the baby's born and you've miraculously lost all of the baby weight).  Seriously.  Try shopping for maternity lingerie, for example.  It's ridiculously difficult to find maternity lingerie (and I mean actual lingerie and not just bra & knicker sets).  Most maternity bras are so ugly that even my grandmother probably wouldn't want to wear them.

So here's the deal.
Pregnancy does not mean celibacy.  In fact, pregnancy can be a very sexy time.  According to my husband, men find pregnant women sexy.  Let's face it: when is a woman more, well, womanly than when she's pregnant?  You're super curvy (not only your bump--most women's breasts get bigger and/or fuller during pregnancy too), and probably less self conscious than normal (I don't have to worry about my "wobbly bits", as Bridget Jones would put it).

So let's talk about sex during pregnancy.

Yes, pregnancy hormones can affect your sex life, and they can have a major impact on your libido.  This isn't always a bad thing.  In my first pregnancy, I was seriously horny pretty much all of the time.  That's right.  You hear about pregnancy being less sexy because you're tired and feeling sick etc.  Sometimes that's true.  Sometimes, though, being pregnancy will actually make you want it more.  Trust me, I know.  I think my husband started to get a little overwhelmed by the time our daughter was born because I was pretty much insatiable.

That's not always the case.  Thanks to pregnancy hormones during my second pregnancy, my sex drive was lower than normal.  However, I still had a sex drive, and we still enjoyed a good sex life. 

During my third pregnancy, I was tired at the beginning, but I was happy and excited.  My husband and I enjoyed a lot of passionate sex during this time.  Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended too early.

Obviously it didn't take long for us to be at it again, as I got pregnant again very quickly (oops!).  My sex drive, to be honest, is about the same as it is when I'm not pregnant.  That's not to say that sex is exactly the same.  Changing shape means that different positions become better (I'll do a different post about the best sex positions during pregnancy).  Thanks to changing hormone levels, what feels fantastic one night may be disappointing the next (and vice versa).  Although I really enjoy love making (and cuddling and foreplay, etc), some nights it's harder to actually reach orgasm than others.

You know what, none of those things really matter.  If you and your partner love (and lust) each other, pregnant sex can be fabulous.

Monday, 10 January 2011

23 weeks pregnant

A la my new years resolution, I am going to try to be a more dependable blogger.  Not that reliability is necessarily a great trait for bloggers, as interesting and creative are probably more valuable traits, but at least it's something.  So we're about a week and a half into the new year, and I'm posting again.

I intended to do a little weekly pregnancy update on here.  Obviously, it hasn't happened, and I've just been posting willy-nilly about pregnancy and family topics as they've occurred to me and I had time.  If I'd paid less attention to willy and more to blogging, I'd probably have a lot more readers.  On the other hand, I probably wouldn't have a pregnancy blog.  (Sorry for the bad play on words. It wasn't planned, I promise.

My growing bump at 23 weeks
At any rate, I'm now 23 weeks pregnant.  This is about the point where babies are considered viable.  That means that if my baby were born now, he would have a fighting chance.  Still a small chance, though, so let's hope he stays put for awhile.  As both of his big sisters were late, I doubt that it will be a problem.

He is starting to get into more of an asleep/awake pattern, so that he'll move around for awhile and then be quiet for awhile at regular intervals.  Yes, I can feel him move around.  He even woke me up for the first time this week because apparently 3 am was a good time to have a party, or practice kick-boxing, or whatever it is babies do in there.  Ironically, as I'm writing this he just woke up and started kicking again.  In my head he's saying, "Are you talking about me again?"

To find out more about week 23 of pregnancy, click here or here.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Babble Bloggers

Every year Babble puts together a list of the best 50 "mom blogs".  There are some really great blogs on there that I have enjoyed looking at.  Also, some one nominated my little blogging project as their favorite.  Blogging with Bump is a long way from winning any awards, but I appreciate that some one has liked it.  If you want to give my blog the thumbs up with Babble as well, click here.