Monday, 31 January 2011

Sex During Pregnancy...Part 2

I blogged recently about sex during pregnancy, and promised to write more about specifics.  So here we during pregnancy part two.

Pregnancy will affect your sex life because your changing shape (meaning huge baby bump) will change what positions work the best.  For most couples, good old-fashioned missionary position is kind of the sexual norm.  After the first trimester, this position is pretty much out until after the baby's born.  So here's my look at what positions do work well during pregnancy.

Spooning: This is probably the best all-rounder position during pregnancy.  Since your partner's behind you, it means that your bump isn't an issue at all (so this position feels pretty much the same as it did before you got pregnant).  It doesn't put any pressure on you (meaning it's less likely to be uncomfortable or lead to heartburn) or on your partner (meaning you're not squashing him).  It's also a bit of a lazier position, so it's perfect for when you're tired during pregnancy but still want to get some.

Perk: It leaves his hands free ;)
Downside: You can't see each other or kiss.

On all fours/Doggy: Again, your partner's behind you so that pregnancy bump isn't an issue.  Basically, you get down on your knees and either your hands or elbows.  He kneels behind you.  This allows for really deep penetration so it's sure to be a big hit with your other half.

Perk: Easy to control tempo
Downside: Same as spooning

Woman on Top: This one's pretty self explanatory.  You get on top.  It's intimate because you can see each other.

Perk: Probably the best position for you to come
Downside: Also the most tiring for you

Obviously all of these tips are for hetero couples.  Here's why.  This is a blog, not a guide book.  I'm speaking from my experience, and my only partner is my husband.  These are tips for couples who are expecting and still want a great sex life too. (Yes, it is possible to be parents and lovers.)

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