Thursday, 24 March 2011

Talking to the Specialist

We recently met with the specialist who is overseeing my pregnancy care.  I also have a midwife that I regularly see, and have met with different doctors in the specialist's team.  He's the one ultimately in charge of my care, though, and who will be responsible for the birth. 

This was our last meeting with the specialist before the birth, and we got to schedule the C-section.  Most of the appointment was pretty standard and exactly what I expected (I had the same specialist with Angel and with the ectopic pregnancy, so I'm used to him, plus this will be my 3rd C-section).  One thing he said was completely unexpected though.  He offered, while I was already open on the operating table for the section, to go ahead and sterilize me.

I think that was his not-so-subtle way of saying I shouldn't have any more kids.

Even though we're pretty sure that this will be our last baby, neither my husband nor I really feel comfortable with this option.  I also feel like it was kind of sprung on us without a lot of discussion or information or time to think it over.  We said no thanks.

Have any of you been given this option?  What did you do?


  1. I just wanted to say..
    1. thanks for your comment on my blog.

    and 2

    only you should be able to make the choice of being sterilized.. no one else should make it for you! and it really is something that you and hubby need to sit down and talk about properly.

    Did you have to get sterilized in end?

  2. No I'm not going to be sterilized. Like you say, it is my choice and not the consultant's. My husband and I discussed it and although we both think this is probably our last kid, neither of us felt comfortable with the idea of me being sterilized either. I also spoke with my midwife about it and she was not happy about it (I'll post more about that another day).