Friday, 8 July 2011


I know new parents are supposed to be sleep deprived zombies.  People with little babies are supposed to complain about how tired they are and be in a twilight zone of night-time feeds and diaper changes.

The thing is...I'm not.

I can remember being exhausted at times when Princess and Angel were babies.  I know that times will come when Little Boss will keep me up all night (we still have teething to look forward to, after all).  Right now, though, I'm pretty spoiled.  Little Boss is a star sleeper.

He's two months old now.  For awhile now we've had a pretty good routine where he'd go to sleep between 9 and 10.  At midnight (about the time I've been going to sleep) I give him a feed.  Then he sleeps until 5 am.  At that point he gets another drink of milk and then goes back to sleep for another couple of hours before waking up for the day.

Last night he dropped the 5:00 feed.  My two-month-old slept for seven straight hours through the night.  I fed him at 7:00, then he went back to sleep until about 9:00.

I'm the luckiest parent alive right now.

In addition to luck, I'm a firm believer in bedtime routines and cluster feeding before bed.

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