Thursday, 31 January 2013

Operation Get Healthy Post #1

I mentioned some resolutions in my last post.  So far I think I'm doing alright in 2013.  No, my house isn't always clean, and no, my bank account isn't healthy, but I think I am in a better, healthier place than I was last year.

One of my biggest goals for the year is to be healthier.  I need to lose weight, but--even more than that--I want to have a healthier lifestyle.  I wasn't particularly unhealthy before; I don't drink or smoke or have any particularly awful habits.  I just need to improve.

I have gone out running for the past four mornings in a row.  I use the term "running" loosely, as my running is probably slower than most power walkers and my endurance is still pitiful.  I tell myself the important thing is that I'm trying, and I'll eventually get faster and stronger.

According to my Nike app, I have gone 6.16 miles this week at an average pace of about 14 miles per hour (keep in mind that I'm running on the road in a hilly area).

Luckily for me, I do live somewhere pretty.  I also live near the water.  About a mile from my house, there's the beginning of a trail that follows the path of the lake.  We took a family run along it recently, and it was so much more peaceful than running on the road.  My goal is to be in good enough shape to consider the run to the lake as my warm up, and then do my actual run along the waterfront. 

Here are a couple of pictures from the lakefront trail:

I'm also trying to eat healthier. 
The past few weeks I have been eating a lot of quinoa, and not very much bread or pasta.  I have drastically cut back on cheese, and I'm trying to avoid refined sugar.
For breakfast, I usually have a smoothie.
I also made these vegetarian meatballs (only with less egg and cheese and more vegetables) and enjoyed them as much on a crunchy romaine salad as on pasta.
Current Weight: 223 pounds (that's hard to admit)
Current Size: 16-20 (depending on brand and style)

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