Sunday, 4 July 2010

4th of July BBQ

I've had a great Independence Day.  We went to a barbecue with some friends. The weather was perfect, and I love the nice smoky smell of barbecue.  It seems like we've been so busy lately and just working non-stop, so it was a welcome break to just lounge about for an afternoon eating and chatting with friends.  Our kids had a great time with all of the other children there running around, playing games, and stealing sausages as quickly as they came off the BBQ.   Happy 4th of July everybody.

Some of our friends were there with their toddler and newborn baby.  She just slept peacefully in her dad's lap, and then woke up and wriggled happily on the picnic blanket.  Everyone there couldn't help but coo over her.  My husband looked at her and noted how beautiful and tiny she was.  "I want one", he summed up.   Nice to know that I'm not the only one who's broody.

Now I just need some fireworks to finish off a great 4th.

(Fireworks image borrowed from Blah-g.  Thanks.  My fireworks definitely won't be this impressive.)

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