Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy Anniversary

Last night we celebrated our anniversary.  We got a sitter for the night and enjoyed a romantic evening out together.  We went out for dinner and then revisted some of our favourite spots from when we were dating and engaged.  It was a really romantic evening; it was perfect for our anniversary to take a trip down memory lane, so to speak.  I am an incredibly lucky woman to have my husband.  I know it sounds really cheesy, and I try not to get all gushy, but it's true.  Revisiting former haunts (and make-out spots) of ours was fantastic, but it made me realize how much more I love him now.  If you read this, happy anniversary hun.

Our fantastic date also made me more confident about our decision to try for a baby right now.  We may not be perfect parents, but this baby will definitely be born to a loving family.  My last period started about two weeks ago, so who knows?  Maybe we'll get a special anniversary present this year :)

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