Monday, 18 October 2010

First Meeting With My Midwife

Today I had my first appointment with my midwife.  Mostly it was just administration stuff.  We filled out a bunch of forms and my pregnancy records, which means that I spent a lot of the appointment repeating my date of birth, address, etc. and explaining all of my past history.  Yet again I had to explain that it wasn't helpful to ask when my last period was.  She persisted, so I explained that it was last May.  She looked at me in shock because that would make me significantly further along.  Once again I explained (she'd already written this down in my notes at this point) that I had an ectopic pregnancy and underwent surgery in July, and hadn't had a period since before I got pregnant with that pregnancy.  So my last period gave us dates for my previous pregnancy, not this one.  She wrote down May in my notes anyway.  Later, though, she wrote me down as being two weeks earlier that I actually am (not as far along).  So anyone who sees my notes is going to be extremely confused about how far along I am and when I'm actually due.  Who knew it was so complicated?

Otherwise she seems fine.  It's good to finally have a point of contact and know that, if I need to, I do actually have a midwife.

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